In my time giving golf lessons and coaching players to reach their goals, there is always one shot that mystifies the average golfer. The dreaded slice is a shot that kills the average golfers in terms of distance lost, lack of ball control, or just the feel of helplessness trying to fix it. Most people want correct but never take the time to figure out why they slice it in the first place.

The most common cause I see on my lesson tee from the average slicer is poor club face control. Anyone with any type of target awareness will get sick of hitting the ball right of their target and there are only a few ways to do besides aim. Most golfers will try to get the ball to start left of their target by swinging their path left of the target (for a right handed golfer). The problem with this is if the club face is open to the path the golf ball will slice. So if a player has an overly open club face in relation to the path of their golf club (no matter what the path is) it will slice.

So the next part is how do I improve my club face and learn to not slice the ball? I can break this down into a couple simple steps:

1- Check your grip: an overly weak grip will be more difficult to square up at impact. Likewise an overly strong grip will be equally as difficult to square up. I recommend a neutral to strong grip (there are exceptions to this) for most players.

2- Learn about wrist angles and their influence on the club face. An overly extended lead wrist (cupped) will open the club and an overly flexed lead wrist (bowed) will shut the face.

3- Get use to how your forearms need to rotate to square your club face. I normally have my students hit short shots hitting low draws to build this feel.

In certain cases, there maybe other reasons why you might slice the ball but in general this is a place to start for the average slicer.

To learn more about what I do check out my website at the bottom of the page. I’m golf coach based out of the Orlando area in Winter Garden.

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