Let’s talk about a scenario: you just had a lesson and received a few new thoughts and changes, what now? Should I go hit 500 range balls trying to “grove” the new move or feel?

1- Don’t leave until you have good understanding of what the change is and why you are making it. If you are working on these changes don’t go full speed right off the back, you need to start with slow and short swings and build your way up.

2- Find a way to practice with good feedback, if you are relying on feel as your guide it can be very difficult. Feels change from day to day, smalls changes in your mental state rushing to get your practice session in can affect your feel. Feedback can be in the form of training aid, barrier (like a pool noodle), video or external feedback (ball flight).

3- Spacing- Variability – Challenge: If you don’t follow the team at Game Like Training already you should, but their research has shown faster motor learning when using these principles. Spacing is not staying in the same area hitting shot after shot but changing up your training by taking time in-between shots (very short version). Variability is changing your target and clubs between shots not hitting the same shot all day on the range (breaking practice in 5 ball circuits help with this). Challenge is making your training like a game and making that game difficult enough that you will struggle and learn from it.

4- Work on the changes on the range and don’t try more than one swing thought on the course. You may work a few different feels on the range, but on the course you need to focus on the shot at hand.

If you follow these steps and don’t over think it you will increase the effectiveness of your training and swing progress.

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